1. Any legal or private person older than 18 who agrees with the aims and the rules of the association can become a member of The European Society for History of Law. Such person should participate in the activities of the association and comply with requirements on members of the society.


2.To become a member of the society, a person shall submit an application addressed to the representatives of the society. The representatives should approve the membership unanimously. An ordinary member of the Association has the right to vote along with the other members and his voice would be counted as one.


3.A membership can be terminated according to the decision of the representatives, by request of the member to give up his membership, by termination of function of a legal entity without successor or by death of a private person.





Rights and duties of members of the society   


The goal of our activities is to create terms appropriate for the development of different activities related to the entity of the society such as:


- to support the interests of the members in relation to the entity,

- to support development of science and research in the field of law-history,

- to offer legal and organizational services in the fields of education, science and research,

- to offer information and services to the public,

- to organize national and international conferences and seminars,

- to organize educational activities such as courses, lectures and seminars,

- to arrange traveling and staying abroad for educational purposes,

- to arrange scientific and pedagogical conferences in which important persons in this field would be able to participate,

- to assure advertising for the educational, scientific and social events,

- to provide its members with information,

- to cooperate with all kinds of  national and international firms and organizations that would like to help to develop the values of the society,

- to collect financial and other means mainly from benefits, donations and own activities done to cover the financial needs of the association.




The Membership Fee for this calendar year is 500CZK/30 EUR

The first membership fee has to be paid within one month after being accepted as a member by the representatives of the Association.


The payment should be transferred to the bank account number

(IBAN CZ5003000000000253131164); SWIFT code CEKOCZPP (Bank ÈSOB Brno)


For the variable symbol, please write your date of birth and in the notes, please write down your first name and last name.