Mission of the association

The mission of The European Society for History of Law is to support and promote the traditional values, such as education and science in the field of history of the law.


The association works with nongovernmental organizations, individuals and other organizations in order to:


1.Support development, work and presentation of social values in education and science focused mainly on history of law.


2.Take part in the conception of function and development of social values in the field of education and science.


3.While supporting development of education and science, to cooperate with governmental bodies, municipalities,  institutions and other partners that work in the field of development of education and science.


4.To create conditions for spreading the information regarding development of education and science among citizens and institutions.


5.To suggest projects significant to a certain state or to European countries according to the requests and the needs of nongovernmental organizations.


6.To promote and present results of research in the field of history of law in international and local events.


7.To support events and projects with national and international meanings in the field of education and law-sciences.


8.To participate in preparation and development of projects which would be used for education and science.


9.According to possibilities and needs, to maintain an own economic activity.


10.To ensure fulfilling of needs and assignments of the association.


11.To ensure advertisement for own needs or for the needs of members or other persons.


The scope of our activities   

The scope of our activities is to create conditions for all the activities related to the mission of the association, such as


- To support our members interests which are connected to our mission.

- To support creation of scientific and research works in the field of law history.

- To provide counseling and organization services for education and research.

- To provide information and services to the public.

- To organize national and international conferences and seminars.

- To organize educational activities such as courses, lectures and seminars.

- To arrange traveling and staying abroad for educational purposes.

- To arrange scientific and pedagogical conferences in which important persons in this field would be able to participate.

- To assure advertising for the educational, scientific and social events.

- To provide its members with information.

- To cooperate with all the national and international firms and organizations that would like to help to develop the values  of the society.

- To collect financial and other means mainly from benefits, donations and own activities done to cover the financial needs of the association.