Newsletter of the European Society for History of Law

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Dear members of The European Society for History of Law,


in October 2015 we have decided to inform our members in Czech republic about news in history of law, Roman law, canon law and the history of legal thought through a newsletter, which is published four times a year. This year we have decided to start publishing an international newsletter for our members, which is going to inform about news and events with international impact.


This newsletter contains also invitations to conferences and for the future we would like to include reviews and annotations of recently published monographs and also reports about scientific activities, mainly conferences, semiars, doctoral thesis defences or important jubilees.

The newsletter has its own ISSN and will be published only in an electronic version twice a year. Members of the European Society for History of Law will receive it via e-mail and also it will be available for general public at, which also contains an archive of previously issued newsletters.


In the end we would like to encourage all members to participate in the creation of this newsletter. Mainly we would appreciate reports from conferences and thesis defences or reviews and annotations of monographs. Also we would welcome publishing invitations to conferences.


Board of Directors

The European Society for History of Law



The newsletter is published in an electronic version by The European Society for History of Law (Evropská společnost pro právní dějiny, z.s.), which is registered in a Registry of Associations held by the County Court in Brno, section L, insert no. 14047.

The adress of the office: Foltýnova 2, 635 00, Brno, Czech republic, Identification No.: 26555620.

Editors: Jaromír Tauchen, Jan Kabát, Milan Dobeš, Norbert Varga


The newsletter is published twice a year. The archive of previous issues is available at

ISSN: 2694-7587